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Overcomer Movie Review

Overcomer Movie Review

I have waited for Overcomer to hit the theaters for a LONG time.  I am a huge fan of all the Kendrick Brothers' films; in association with Affirm Films, Sherwood Pictures, and Provident Films.  All of the films by the Kendrick Brothers are truly good, quality films.  The first ones were made on a lower budget but the story lines are real.  Each movie deals with real life situations that we all face from time to time.  Each one doesn't hold back the consequences of living a life without Jesus as Lord over it.  I was a fan from the first movie, from day 1, and I'm so happy that these guys and gals have continued to hone in on their gifts and talents as actors, screenwriters, producers, and all things movies, especially faith based films.  I believe God is using them in mighty ways.  Getting these movies in front of audiences takes a huge amount of work and dedication, not just from those directly involved in the movies, but also their families.  I am thankful for their obedience to this calling.  

Introducing Overcomer

John Harrison is the coach of a highschool basketball team with a dream of making it to next season's championship game.  Then, the town's largest manufacturing plant decides to move.  Hundreds of families move away, taking a huge chunk of the basketball team's players with them.  The school not only loses many of its students, but also several teachers including a few coaches.  Coach Harrison is asked to coach the school's Cross Country team.  This "team" only has one player, a girl with asthma.  Her name is Hannah Scott and she has a lot more to overcome than just asthma.

Hannah's parents have both passed away.  She's being raised by her grandmother who is away from home most of the time because she works two jobs to make ends meet.  Hannah must deal with some of her own life choices.  She could continue down the path she is going, continuing to make choices that lead to destruction or she could allow herself to be positively influenced by her high school cross country coach and her principal who is an old friend of her mother's.

Cross Country proves to be a vessel of life lessons for both Hannah and Coach John Harrison. 

Overcomer is about finding our identity in Christ.  While watching the movie, one particular scene struck me as particularly powerful.  While Coach Harrison and his pastor are visiting a church member in the hospital, Harrison stumbles into the room of another patient, Thomas.  The meeting is a bit awkward at first, but Harrison tells Thomas he will pray for him and then goes on his way with his pastor.  Later on, Harrison revisits Thomas.  The two form an unlikely bond.  During one of Harrison's visits, Thomas asked Harrision, "Who are you?"

Harrison's first response is, "I'm a coach."

Thomas then asked, "If you take that away, who are you?"

Harrison's next response is, "I'm a history teacher."

Thomas presses on, "If you take that away, who are you?"

Harrison continues to respond as he narrows down his identity, "I'm a husband and father."

Finally, when there seems to be nothing left, he says, "Well . . . I'm a Christian."

Thomas' next question is the gut-puncher, "Why was that so far down your list?"

If I had been watching this movie at home, I would have clicked the pause button because that question forced me to ask myself, "If someone asks me, out of the blue and without warning, 'Who are you?' what would I have said?"

How far down the list would I have gone before saying, "I'm a Christian?"

Then, I asked myself another question, "Is my identity in Christ evident to others without them having to ask?"

Thomas wisely tells Coach Harrison and it's a statement we should all take to heart, "Your identity will be whatever you tie your heart to."

Overcomer Movie Review

What do you tie your heart to?  In whom or in what do you find your identity?

Do you find your identity in Christ?  If you are a born-again Christian, you should find your identity in Jesus.  If you are not a born-again Christian, here is how you can become one.

Overcomer Movie Review

Back to the movie, as Coach Harrison is discovering who he is in Christ, so is Hannah.  In order to avoid any spoilers, you'll have to watch the movie to see how her life is transformed, but I can assure you that you will enjoy watching the lives of Hannah and Coach Harrison transform from the beginning to the end of this movie.  There are several other things I wish I could write about here but I don't want to spoil it for you.

If you are a Cross Country runner, don't shy away from this film.  You'll love it.  My daughter is a former Cross Country runner and she said this movie is her favorite Kendrick Brothers' film yet.

Overcomer is now showing in select theaters.  Watch the Overcomer official movie trailer below.  Then, go see it at the theater!  We need to support films like this one so we can show filmmakers that we want more good stuff with wholesome real life content as opposed to the trash they keep spitting out of Hollywood.

OK, watch the trailer, buy your ticket, and go see it!


Want to know what others are saying?  Find out what ministry leaders are saying here.

If I'm asked to pick a favorite of all the Kendrick Brothers' films, it would be next to impossible.  The later films are better quality due to higher budgets, but every single film has its own appeal.  I love them all.

If you are just learning about these films, you'll want to check out all the Kendrick Brothers' previous movies.  Notice the theme of each film.

Flywheel - living a life of integrity.
Facing the Giants - trusting God through life's hardest trials.
Fireproof - building your marriage on a foundation of faith, staying married, - never leave your partner in a "fire."
Courageous - fatherhood the way God intended it.
War Room - the power of prayer.
Overcomer - finding your identity in Christ.

Watch the Flywheel official movie trailer here.

Watch the Facing the Giants official movie trailer here.

Watch the Fireproof official movie trailer here.

Watch the Courageous official movie trailer here.

Watch the War Room official movie trailer here.

and now, Overcomer!

Overcomer Movie Review

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