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Explore The Planet From Home

Are you dreaming of sunset on a sandy beach, surrounded by tropical flowers and exotic animals? More and more Americans are dreaming of vacations abroad. In fact, according to surveys, the travel industry is likely to face a huge surge in demand as soon as it is safe to travel again. Enthusiastic travelers and first-timers who have never left the United States before have both expressed the desire to explore new horizons at the end of the pandemic. Unfortunately, the situation calls for caution right now, forcing us to postpone our travel plans.

Explore The Planet From Home
Explore The Planet From Home - Image Credit:  Gerald - CCO Public Domain Image via Pixabay

Explore the Planet From Home

However, nothing is stopping you from exploring the world without leaving your home. Traveling from home may not sound like the change of horizon you expected, but it can be beneficial for your mood and your mind. Indeed, it is fair to say that after spending a long time self-isolating or unable to visit distant friends and relatives in other states, you want to jump on the next flight and go somewhere far away.  There is such a thing as cabin fever when you stay at home. You feel your thoughts turning to jelly and your mood is constantly swinging between frustration and depression. Does it sound familiar? You’re not on your own. We can’t recommend any trip abroad for now. But here are tips to spread the vacation spirit in your home. 

Explore the Planet from Home

Try Out New Recipes

You probably already have all the appliances you need to cook a variety of exotic and exciting dishes. Unfortunately, we tend to stick to the recipes we know. So, it’s time to change your habits and travel into new culinary regions. The trusted food processor that can whip a healthy smoothie in a matter of seconds could become your summer best friend. As the temperature rises, your blender is the best utensil for cold soups, such as gazpacho, ajo blanco (a cold garlic-based soup), cool cucumber veloute, and even watermelon gazpacho. A cold summer soup is like a fresh tour of Europe and tropical islands, taking you through the delicious specialties of each region. Not tempted by a refreshing soup? The air fryer is a neat replacement for those who don’t have a bbq. You could take inspiration from spicy Indian recipes that are traditionally prepared in a tandoori oven. A world of flavors is ahead of you!

Watch Foreign Shows On Netflix

What does Istanbul look like? It’s said to be a bridge between Asian and European cultures. But pictures or books don’t do it justice. Instead, you want to get a taste of the multiple cultural influences that paved the old Sultanahmet district and the Roman Hippodrome, not far from modern buildings. But when walking in the streets isn’t an option, you’d be pleased to know that Netflix has got the perfect solution for you. The Protector is a Turkish series filmed in Istanbul that exposes the many old secrets of the city. Behind the fantasy story, the streets and old edifices tell the tale of old Constantinople.

Or perhaps you are wondering about Asian cultures. Netflix has a great list of quality South Korean dramas, most of which are suitable for 12+, ranging from the mesmerizing romance Crash Landing on You to the fantastic Korean Odyssey, a take on the Chinese Journey to the West. K dramas offer unique insights into the culture, the food, the landscapes, and the sense of humor of the South Korean population. Served by quality actors, you will soon find yourself inspired to try out a Korean bbq meal that the kids will love. 

For little ones, why not take a look at international animes that are suitable for young viewers? You’ll find a lot of beautiful Japanese and European animes that will hit just the right spot. Many come pre-dubbed for young viewers.

Make Time For Learning

If you can’t go abroad, why not prepare for when you can? Learning a foreign language could be the best way to plan your next trip. You could ask your Spanish teacher about the best spots for food in Barcelona, for instance. Besides, as you develop your conversational skills, you can also get more confident about organizing your future trip.

Change Your Decor

With patience and attention, you could turn your interior style into an interior oasis of peace. Your decor can be all you need to travel to a foreign country. A Mediterranean decor for your bedroom combines rustic style, earthy color palettes, and eloquent influences. A Spanish-inspired decor will evoke the bright and bold colors of the culture, mixing bright reds and blues with taste. On the other hand, a Greek bedroom will marry citrus hues, aqua sea, and elegant dark patterns.

Your home could become the place that makes traveling possible at a time where borders remain closed. From learning new recipes to changing your interior style, let your home take you on an unforgettable trip.

Explore The Planet From Home
Explore the planet from home.

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