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How to Engage Your Child's Interest in Learning

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If your child is displaying a lack of interest in learning at the moment, this could be due to a number of reasons. Perhaps they’ve started a new subject they find more challenging, or they could just be going through a phase or be stuck in a rut. As a parent there are a few things you can try. Shake things up a bit with a few different learning methods at home. Try to relate to their interests and encourage learning in these areas. If in doubt, you could always speak to their teacher or hire a tutor. Here are a few ways to engage your child’s interest in learning. 

How to Engage Your Child's Interest in Learning


Hire a Tutor

Perhaps they would benefit from a little extra help and a new perspective. Hiring a professional from a school tutoring services could work as they should know the right ways to motivate children. One-on-one lessons are also very effective as it will allow the tutor to focus on your child’s unique needs. They may also have different methods and approaches which could seem new and exciting to your child.

Look for Online Resources


If you don’t want to hire a tutor, there are also plenty of resources online. You could look for games relating to the topics they’re studying at the moment. There are also many complimentary digital resources such as videos and interactive programs. These will help to reinforce your child’s learning and hopefully engage their interest a bit more. There are several benefits of virtual learning. It teaches them a variety of skills such as how to use technology and to take their own initiative.

Focus on Their Interests


In addition to encouraging your child to spend time on challenging tasks, focus on your child's interests. Encourage them to delve deeper into subjects they enjoy. For example, if your child likes nature and animals, set them a mini project in the yard or take them to a woodland near you. You could also try to relate what they’re studying at the moment to their hobbies and interests. 

Let Them Have An Input


Put your child in the driving seat from time to time. You could work together to create a homework schedule and get them to help make it. Encourage your child to explain to you in detail what they’re studying at the moment and show a genuine interest. Ask them if there’s anything they’ve enjoyed at school recently too. This will help reinforce their learning and hopefully motivate them a little more. 

Set an Example

It’s always important to try to set a good example for your child. Be enthusiastic about learning and take an interest in the topics they study. Model positive behavior relating to your own work and responsibilities as well. Avoid complaining about having to work hard when your children are around. It’s difficult to encourage them to make an effort if you’re not going to lead by example. Children will often adopt their parents' habits so it’s important to maintain a positive attitude.
How to Engage Your Child's Interest in Learning


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