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Queen Elizabeth 2, A Faith Quote

I don't really know much about the royal family.  I only know what the media has splashed across our American television screens for the past several years.  I know very little about Queen Elizabeth but since the time of her passing yesterday, I have seen photos of her and quotes from her shared across television stations and social media platforms.  She seems like someone I might have liked a lot if I had known more about her.  This morning, I saw a quote from her that touched my heart and made me wish I had known more about her during her reign as Queen Elizabeth 2.  This post is a short one because, as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth 2, there is one main quality about her that I want to share with you today - her faith.

Quote Image, Facebook Header, Queen Elizabeth 2
Faith Quote from Queen Elizabeth 2:  Photo Credit - Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

Queen Elizabeth 2, A Faith Quote

Some time ago, one of the queen's chaplains had been preaching on the Second Coming of Christ.  After his sermon, he and Queen Elizabeth shared a conversation in which she said:

"Oh! How I wish that the Lord would come in my lifetime!"

"Why," asked the chaplain, "does Your Majesty feel this very earnest desire?"

The Queen replied with deep emotion, "I should so love to lay my crown at His feet." - Queen Elizabeth 2

And that is, in my opinion, the most important thing we can remember or know about Queen Elizabeth 2. 

Photo, Queen Elizabeth 2
Queen Elizabeth II:  Photo Credit - Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

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Queen Elizabeth:  1926 - 2022

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