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What Foods Can You Cook Frozen?

What Foods Can You Cook Frozen?
What foods can you cook frozen? Image Credit

What Foods Can You Cook Frozen?

If you’ve ever waited for your frozen food to thaw before cooking it, then you know the frustration that comes with it, especially when you want something to eat quickly. Thankfully, there are some foods you can cook right away without having to wait for the thawing process. Considering that the frozen food market is worth $65 billion in retail (2020 statistics), it’s pretty understandable why people love it.

Frozen Chicken Wings

Did you know that you can cook your frozen chicken wings in air fryer? For the best results, air fry your wings at 380°F, and when it’s almost done cooking, gradually increase the heat for a crispier outcome. Chicken wings are not like thick red meat, which takes longer to cook. Instead, they are classified as white meat and have less fat, which quickens the cooking time. As you air fry your chicken wings, be careful they don’t burn out.


If you have frozen peas, corn, beans, etc., at hand, all you need to do is toss them right into your cooking soups or sauces without waiting for the defrost period. Additionally, vegetables classified as cruciferous Рi.e., broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower can also be cooked frozen to reduce your time in the kitchen. They are particularly easy to handle when cooking stir-fries or saut̩ meals that need some extra crunchy veggies. The trick to cooking frozen vegetables is to avoid overcrowding them in your pan. A cooking utensil overloaded with frozen vegetables will result in the latter becoming mushy and soggy.


Bacon slices or strips are covered with fat which melts quickly with the slightest heat application. Apart from cooking straight away from the freezer, the slight moisture soaked up within the bacon helps in a quicker cooking period. It explains why after frying or grilling bacon, it still retains its stretchy nature while crisp. However, over-cooking makes it lose its natural moisture, which gives your bacon a crunchy feel. As a tip, ensure your raw bacon is frozen in individual slices. This way, they will not freeze into a huge block that demands defrosting.


This Asian cuisine found its way onto the American market decades ago and continues to be loved by many. Indeed, the dumpling-making procedure is time-consuming, but once you’re through with that, its subsequent use is easy. For example, uncooked dumplings can be frozen for over a month. Then, when you’re ready to cook it, take it out of the freezer and cook it right away. But, according to experienced chefs, allowing frozen dumplings to thaw before cooking them can make the outcome soggy and sticky. 

Some Varieties of Fish

What Foods Can You Cook Frozen?

Some fish varieties are better for this. For example, salmon, tilapia, and cod can be cooked while frozen. They tend to maintain their outlook without falling apart. Therefore, whether you’re grilling, pan-frying, or grilling, these types of fish do not require prior thawing.

Hopefully, you know now that not all frozen foods require that long waiting time to defrost. Moreover, many commercially frozen food products use this as a marketing tool to attract more consumers. However, when you have to use them, follow the package instructions.

What Foods Can You Cook Frozen?

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