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The Senator’s Youngest Daughter by Kelley Rose Waller

The Senator’s Youngest Daughter
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*The Senators Youngest Daughter by Kelley Rose Waller was sent to me in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to give a positive review of the book.

“Mom, I can tell by your facial expressions that you are really into that book,” said my daughter who was sitting right next to me as I read The Senator’s Youngest Daughter by Kelley Rose Waller.  She was right.  I was really into that book!  I’m not a politician but I’m surrounded by many family and friends who hold state and federal political offices.  The subject is interesting to me and this book certainly captured my interest.

The Senator's Youngest Daughter

Brenna McFerren is a former school teacher and the youngest daughter of Senator A. C. McFerren

President Scott Spencer has disbanded Congress.  There is no longer a Supreme Court.  His federal troops hover over citizens in major “gun-free” cities.  A powerful homeland terrorist group, the Army of Social Justice (ASJ) has kidnapped Senator McFerren.  He has been missing for 6 months, but Brenna has located the ASJ “base-camp” and she has spotted her father.

Brenna’s husband, Tate, who is also a politician leads the fight to rescue Brenna’s father and also rescue the Republic from the dictatorship rule of socialist President Scott Spencer.  Senator McFerren wife, Denise, and their other children also engage in the cause.  His daughter, Esther, who is particularly politically minded; his son, Ike and his wife, Reese; and a small band of trusted friends use their technical expertise, trusted connections, physical capabilities, and intelligent minds to power their efforts to bring down President Spencer and restore the nation.

The story highlights political issues from today’s headlines.  As I read through the pages of this fictional story, I could imagine how this scenario could happen in the real world.  I was brought right into the story, as if I were there with them in every scene – which is probably the reason my daughter noticed my body language as I progressed through the pages.  The suspense had me on the edge of my seat at times.  More than once, I thought, “What?!  NO!”  Then, I had to re-read the paragraph to make sure I read it correctly – like when I’m watching a movie and something I never saw coming happens.  I’m stunned and can’t believe what happened so I rewatch the scene to make sure I saw what I saw.  The realistic story, the politics, the characters, the suspense, and the comic relief made it difficult for me to stop reading.

As you read this story, you’ll relate to the headlines.  You’ll enjoy love stories.  You’ll loathe betrayal.  You’ll grieve great losses.  You’ll laugh.  You’ll rally for the good guys.  You’ll understand why socialism is wrong.

The book is written in first person present tense.  Some people have trouble with that but I loved it.  I think that is one of the reasons I felt like I was there, right beside Brenna the whole time.  The Senator’s Youngest Daughter was published in October 2016.  It is 312 exciting pages long.  It’s a clean read.

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About the Author

The Senator’s Youngest Daughter
Kelley Rose Waller
Kelley writes fiction to imagine new life experiences. Her debut novel, The Senator’s Youngest Daughter, was released October 1, 2016. This conservative political thriller pits a young woman and her family against a media tycoon backed by the president of a very different United States.

Kelley’s day job as a marketing strategist offers her the opportunity to write and plan for clients in diverse fields. Kelley and her husband are Pennsylvania foster parents. She lives and writes to uplift and glorify the name of Jesus Christ.

Kelley is a ridiculous fan of science fiction and board games. She has a B.A. in English and lives in Lancaster, PA, with her husband, three sons, and their dog.

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