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The Story of Christmas by Vivian French

The Story of Christmas
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The Story of Christmas by Vivian French

The Story of Christmas was written by Vivian French and illustrated by Jane Chapman. It is a Scholastic book first published in 1999.

The story opens with an illustration of the angel, Gabriel. God tells Gabriel to go to a place called Nazareth to deliver a special message to a woman named Mary. The angel tells Mary that God has chosen her to be the mother of His baby, Jesus.

Mary is supposed to marry a man named Joseph. Joseph doesn’t know what to do because Mary is already going to have a baby. God tells Joseph not to worry.

When it is almost time for the baby to be born, an emperor tells everyone to go to the place where their families live and pay him money. Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem. When they arrive, Bethlehem is very crowded. Mary and Joseph cannot find a place to stay. Finally, they find a stable. The baby is born that night in the stable.

Shepherds are not far away. An angel tells them about the baby. The shepherds go to see the baby. They find Baby Jesus just like the angel told them.

Wise men follow a star to the stable to see Jesus. They give Jesus gifts fit for a king. Angels in Heaven rejoice.

The Story of Christmas by Vivian French is well written. It closely follows the story found in the Bible. It includes important elements such as:

the angel Gabriel’s message to Mary.

the message that the baby is God’s Son and that God chose His name to be Jesus.

Joseph’s thoughts about Mary's pregnancy but without details that children would not understand.

the angel’s message to Joseph that he should not worry about Mary.

the reason for the trip to Bethlehem and the crowded city.

Jesus’ birth in the stable.

the angel’s message to the shepherds.

the visits from the shepherds and the wise men.

the gifts the wise men brought to Jesus.

the angels in Heaven rejoiced that the Son of God is born.

Even with so many important key elements in this story, Vivian French is able to condense the story to a length suitable for children. She also manages to make the story easy for children to understand.
The illustrations are simple, yet bright and colorful.  This book is highly recommended!

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