Saturday, March 21, 2020

Resources for Homeschool Families

In recent days, many school systems have closed schools.  Some school systems have implemented school from home programs.  With little notice, teachers have had to completely change or modify their plans, make online contact with their students and parents, and manage their own families.  Parents have suddenly been given the responsibility to act as homeschool parents.  For some families, this is a fearsome task.  There are probably school systems out there which had to close without having a school from home program established.  Those parents probably feel incredibly overwhelmed.  During this time of anxiety and uncertainty, many businesses are offering discounted or free resources for homeschool families in an effort to ease the burden of this sudden lifestyle change for so many across the country.

Resources for Homeschool Families

I have compiled a list of educational resources to help you through this time. In the end, let me offer a little advice as a former school teacher turned homeschool mom.  When I decided to homeschool my youngest daughter, I was terrified.  As a former public school teacher, I was worried that I couldn't devote the time to give her all I felt she needed.  There were days when I was sure I was ruining her life forever.  It turns out that I didn't mess up my kid.  In fact, by this time next year, she will be a college graduate.  Telling you to relax will probably not help you relax, but trust me on one thing.  No matter what your days look like right now, your children will be OK.  The most important things they need right now are hugs, books, and reassurance that they will be OK and someday soon, this will all be a memory.  In the meantime, perhaps these resources will help you out.

Resources for Homeschool Families

Resources for Homeschool Families

How to See Germs Spread

The Best Ideas for Kids has created a list of indoor activities for kids.  This list will be helpful for all families, but especially for families living with someone who cannot go outside or leave their homes.

Resources for Homeschool Families

The San Diego Zoo has a website for kids.  Log on, explore, and learn.

Resources for Homeschool Families

LIVE CAMS at the San Diego Zoo

The Zoo Atlanta Panda Cam

Resources for Homeschool Families

The Houston Zoo Web Cams 

The Georgia Aquarium:  Beluga Whales and Jelly Fish

Green Kid Crafts Delivered Right to your Door
Green Kid Crafts:  Hands on Science and Art Kits Delivered to Your Door

Virtual Rides at Disney World/DisneyLand

Tune into the Cincinnati Zoo's Facebook Page for Facebook Live Broadcasts.
Old Faithful Geyser
Old Faithful Geyser

Money Saving Mom has compiled a list of 24 free homeschool resources.

Groovy Lab in a Box

Only Passionate Curiosity (Curiosity is a Superpower) has compiled a huge list of homeschool resources.  They are categorized to make it easier for you to select the sources you need.

Mom.Wife.Homeschool Life has compiled a list of resources from elementary through highschool grade levels.

Are you studying the 50 United States?  Ben and Me:  The Traveling Homeschool offers free units on each state.
Resources for Homeschool Families

 The Answers Book for Kids Complete Set

Obviously, there are so many resources out there to help you get through this unusual time.  Who knows?  You might even decide you like educating your kids at home so much that you'll want to do it full time (or not :) ).

If I listed all the resources I can find, I would never finish, but you can explore more on the web.  I invite you to begin that search here on my Homeschool Resources Pinterest board.

Resources for Homeschool Families

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