Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Weekly Meal Planner

Weekly Meal Planner
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How are you doing with your New Year health goals?  One of our family goals is to eat at home more.  When we eat at home, we eat healthier.  We love food.  We love our local restaurants and we are a busy family so we eat out way too much.  Since we are busy (much too busy sometimes) and I don't particularly love cooking, meal planning is challenging.  Sometimes I buy too little which leaves us unprepared so we grab something on the way home or I buy too much and we end up throwing away wasted food.  Food is expensive.  I cringe at the thought of throwing away all that wasted food.  A few days ago, I sat down to create a weekly meal planner to help me stay organized.  

Weekly Meal Planner

My weekly meal planner includes space for writing down our dinner menu for each night of the week.  For my family, breakfast and lunch aren't a problem for planning.  We all have a pretty well established routine for those meals.  Meal planning for our family dinners is the challenging part for me.  To make meal planning for dinner even more challenging, one of my daughters has decided to go gluten free.  I have a personal goal to eat cleaner, avoiding all those dangerous additives and preservatives as much as possible.  My husband and my younger daughter don't plan to make many changes to their dietary lifestyles.  That leaves me with the daunting task of coming up with meals to suit everyone's tastes.  It's not going to be easy but my weekly meal planner will certainly help.   

Weekly Meal Planner
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My weekly meal planner includes 4 pages of planning space.  On the left column of each page, there is a colorful note pad image for writing down our dinner menu.  The right column of each page includes space for my grocery list.  After I write down the name of the dish I plan to prepare on the note pad space, I will list all the ingredients in the spaces on the right column.  When I finish all the planning for the week and I've listed all the ingredients, I'll go to my cabinets to check off any ingredients that I already have on hand.  Then, I'll take the planner pages with me to the grocery store to shop for any items not checked off.  I can keep my weekly meal planner clipped to my refrigerator so that my husband and my daughters can keep track of the meals I plan to serve for each night.  

Weekly Meal Planner
Grab your weekly meal planner here!

I've already tested my planner and it worked out well for us.  I used it to record my planned meals.  I used it to check off my ingredients and then I headed to the grocery store.  Tonight, I'm making a gluten free chicken recipe that I'll share with you in a future post.

In the meantime, grab your copy of my Weekly Meal Planner here and start planning your meals to help you reach your New Year health goals.


Weekly Meal Planner
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