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Easter Books for Your Child's Easter Basket

Easter is almost here!  Are you looking for educational gifts for your kids?  Usborne Books has a great selection of Easter books for your child's Easter basket.  Make sure your kids understand the real meaning of Easter by giving them Bible story books.  You can also choose from several cute, educational, and interesting spring themed books.

Easter Books for Your Child's Easter Basket

The Easter Story

The dramatic events of the Easter story sensitively retold for young children. When Jesus rides into Jerusalem he is welcomed by cheering crowds. But soon the temple priests are plotting against him... A lovely book to read together or for new readers to enjoy alone.

Easter Bunny Flap Book

In this delightful book there are pages of cute little bunnies and flaps to raise. Lots of surprises waiting for little ones, under the flaps. 

 Bible Stories with CD

This engaging collection of Bible stories has been written, with the help of a language expert, for young children who are just starting to read. Each story is told word for word, with delightful sound effects, on the CD included with this book. By following the words across the page as they hear them, beginner readers will gain confidence and soon be able to achieve the pleasure and satisfaction of reading a whole story by themselves. 

Butterflies and Bugs

Decorate the scenes with beautiful rub-downs in this beautifully detailed keepsake book! The card pocket in the inside front cover holds eight sheets of rub-down transfers. There are jungle, pond, meadow, honeybee garden, butterfly house and many more scenes to decorate — half of the spread is colored, and the other half is labeled line drawings ready to be colored. The beautifully detailed rub-downs can be added anywhere you like! 

Illustrated Bible Stories

A fully illustrated collection of stories from the Bible, retold for young readers. Including Joseph and the Dreams, The Story of Baby Jesus, The Easter Story, Jonah and the Whale, Noah's Ark and more. A beautiful gift book that children will love to receive on any special occasion.

Little Stickers Easter

Celebrate springtime with little lambs, bouncing bunnies, fluffy chicks and an Easter egg hunt. There are over 250 stickers to add to the delightful scenes.

Poppy and Sam's Easter Egg Hunt

Poppy and Sam are searching for Easter eggs on Apple Tree Farm. Children will love looking through the holes in this charming book to discover the colorful eggs, following fingertrails to trace the flight of a butterfly or bee, and spotting Daisy the cow, Clucky the hen, and Rusty the pig along the way.

Are You There Little Bunny?

In this beautifully illustrated hide-and-seek series, children can “spot” the bunny through a hole on each page... but when they turn the page, it isn’t the bunny at all! Very young children will love searching for the elusive bunny, and all the charming details and other animals they discover along the way.

Baby Animals

Baby Animals is part of an exciting reading series for young children, with lots of pictures and very simple, easy text.

Baby Animals Flap Book

Little children will enjoy matching the baby animals to their mommies and daddies in this sweet lift-the-flap book. With warm and friendly illustrations by Rosalinde Bonnet that will appeal to the very young.

Farm Animals

How do pigs keep cool? Why do farmers shear their sheep? Which farm animals live underwater? In this book you’ll find the answers and lots more facts about farm animals around the world.

How Do Flowers Grow? 

Lift the Flap First Questions and Answers

This stylish, highly illustrated, interactive book is perfect for sharing with young children, and introduces science using a friendly lift-the-flap format. A great introduction to one of the fundamental themes of biology, perfect for curious young minds.

Poppy and Sam and the Bunny

Finger Puppet Book

In this irresistible puppet book, Poppy and Sam spot a rabbit and follow it around Apple Tree Farm. Each page has a different action for you to do with the rabbit, from sneezing in the flowers to snuggling up with the other bunnies at the end. 

That's Not My Bunny

This delightful series of board books is aimed at very young children. The bright pictures, with their patches of different textures, are designed to develop sensory and language awareness. Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages and touching the feely patches.
Meet five adorable chicks in this delightful addition to the much-loved "That’s Not My..." series. Babies and toddlers will love touching the textured patches as they meet chicks with soft wings, fuzzy tummies, and rough feet.
A sweet touchy-feely board book with five adorable little lambs for young children to meet. Features a tactile patch for little fingers to explore on every page, including a fuzzy back, a woolly tail, and soft ears.
If you want to add a little toy treat to your child's Easter basket, Usborne Books can help you with that too.

This charming two-sided cloth book combines a variety of touch-and-feel fabrics with a gentle, rhyming text, making it the perfect book for night and day, sleep and play.

Hush-A-Bye Rabbit

This adorable two-sided bunny cloth book combines a variety of touch-and-feel textures with a sweet, rhyme for the perfect “I love you.”


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