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To Save A Life (Movie Review)

To Save A Life Movie Review
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  To Save a Life

Every teenager should watch the movie To Save A Life. To Save A Life deals with faith in God (and the struggle to keep it) in the midst of the challenges teenagers face today: drugs, sex, alcohol, teen pregnancy, divorce, and teen suicide. To Save A Life teaches that every life matters – the unborn, the outcast, the popular, the young, the old – every life is valuable.

The movie is a Samuel Goldwyn film and New Song Pictures production with Outreach Films in association with Accelerated Entertainment. The movie features Randy Wayne, Deja Kreutzberg, and Joshua Weigel. The movie is rated PG-13.

Jake Taylor is a popular teenager with a future including a basketball scholarship. He is a popular athlete who dates a popular cheerleader.

Jake grew up with Roger, his childhood best friend. Roger’s young life is very different from Jake’s. A childhood injury hindered Roger’s athletic abilities. His skin is a different color. He has no girlfriend and fewer friends in general. Shortly after entering high-school, their lives take different turns and their friendship fades into the past. While Jake is living the dream of every teenager, Roger is pushed aside into a life of rejection and loneliness. Roger eventually makes a drastic decision that changes Jake’s life forever.

In the midst of many teen struggles, Jake cannot shake the question, “Could I have helped Roger?"
Jake makes a new friend, Chris, a local youth minister. Chris shows Jake that there is meaning to life and that every life is valuable. As Jake reaches out to others who are outcast, lonely, and rejected ,he finds himself placing his faith in God. Jake’s new friend and his new faith gives him the support he needs to endure the effects of a life spinning out of control.

Will Jake’s new-found faith cost him his girlfriend? his popularity?

Will Jake be able to help another new friend, Johnny, who was also a lonely outcast?

Will Jake be able to get control of his life?

How will Jake’s decisions affect his future?

To Save A Life places all the challenges and temptations our teenagers face on a daily basis into perspective. Teenagers make decisions every day that can change their future and the future of others around them.

Teenagers and adults struggle to keep their faith in God when things are not going well. Teenagers and adults question why God allows bad things to happen to people.

Worlds fall apart. Faith is shaken. Lives are changed.

God’s love for every life remains steadfast, but not everyone knows that. It is up to those who know the value of human life and the importance of faith in an unfailing God to let others know how valuable they are.

Every teenager and every adult should see this movie.

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