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Airplane Crafts for Kids

Airplane Crafts for Kids
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Airplane Crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Airplane

Kids love toilet paper roll crafts.  They are usually simple and versatile.  Instruct your kids to paint or color the paper roll.  For smaller planes, use a toilet paper roll or cut a paper towel roll in half.  For larger planes, use the entire paper towel roll.  Remind the kids that too much paint will make the paper roll soggy so only use a little bit of paint.  After the paint dries, glue the tubes together so that one is perpendicular to the other.  Then, split the tail end with a pair of scissors.  Add a strip of paper through the slit.  You might have to glue or paper clip the strip of paper in so that it stays in place while in flight.  If weather permits, take the kids outside to enjoy their planes.

Laundry Pin Airplane

Use wooden laundry pins and tongue depressors to make this cute wooden airplane.  Allow the children to paint the wooden pins and depressors in whatever colors they like.  After the paint dries, glue the pieces together.  Cut tail spikes out of craft foam and let the children paint them to match their planes.

Play-Doh Planes

Get out the Play-Doh and allow the kids to craft their own planes.  They can mold and shape small planes, large planes, various shaped planes, and unusual planes.  Don’t expect aerodynamically correct planes.  Allow the kids to use their imaginations and create whatever sort of plane they want.  The purpose of this activity is to exercise fine motor skills as they work.

Field Trip:  Air Show

If possible, schedule a field trip to an air show.  The kids can see the planes in motion.  They might even get a chance to climb on-board a grounded plane and learn about the inside and how pilots fly planes.

Read Books about Planes

This one should have been at the top of the list!  Read, read, read.  Go to the library, download books on your eReader devices, iPads, etc.  Find all the books you can find about airplanes and read them with your kids.

Airplane Snack

Obtain the old fashioned pre-wrapped Smarties candies, sticks of gum, Life Savers or any kind of mint with a hole in the middle, and a rubber-band.  Glue the gum stick onto the Smarties candy so that the two snacks are perpendicular to one another.  Then run the rubber band through the Life Saver holes and wrap them around the candy.  Secure the Life Saver wheels in place by hooking the rubber-band around the ends of the gum-stick.

Just Draw

Give the children crayons, pencils, colored pencils, pens, and a lot of paper.  Allow the children to draw planes.  Allow them to use their imaginations and draw, draw, draw.

Airplane Crafts for Kids
Keep the Kids Entertained on a Rainy Day at Home

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